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A Tale of Two Dads: Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2


Woodbridge Public Library
1 G Frederick Plz 07095 Woodbridge United States
Please join us on Tuesday, August 9 at the Woodbridge Main Library @ 7:00 pm as The Hudson Shakespeare Company returns for its final installment of its 25th anniversary Shakespeare in the Parks tour, presenting both parts of the Henry IV story.

This production focuses on Henry (Tom Cox) dealing with an unending civil war and his rebellious son Hal, heir to the throne, who wants nothing to do with him or the crown.

Prince Hal (Elizabeth Berkman) is a typical teenager except he’s heir to the throne of a troubled country. He spends most of his time drinking at Boar’s Head Tavern with his best bud Poins (Sarah Dahl Hasselgren) and his adopted father, Sir John Falstaff (Charlie Leeder).

After having successfully won the country from his cousin Richard, King Henry IV has not had a quiet moment ever since. When Henry takes all the spoils from battle for himself his former allies join together. This poses a serious threat to Henry’s rule and forces young Hal to return home to help out. Hal must now straddle new found military responsibilities, a father who doesn’t trust him and pressure from his other father figure Falstaff, who wants Hal to give him money and prestige.

Normally divided into two plays (Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2), the story of Prince Hal’s road from rebellious teenager to the national superhero, Henry V, is one of Shakespeare’s most popular stories. The Hudson Shakespeare Company has taken the highlights of both plays and streamlined them into a tightly paced free production. Please call 973 449-7443 or visit www.hudsonshakespeare.com for more information.

This program is free and open to the public.

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